Select recent presentations

Shame and Lone-Parenting in Ireland, SWIPI winter workshop, Sex, Gender, Race, and the Political in the UK and Ireland, Queen’s University, Belfast, 15th February 2019

Reproduction and Gendered Shame, College of New Rochelle, New York, USA, 15th November 2018

Shame and Gendered Violence in Contemporary Ireland, invited presentation to the Theorising and Countering Gendered and Sexual Violence workshop, John Carroll University, Cleveland, USA, 12th November 2018

Re-imagining the Irish Nation: Abortion and the Gendered Politics of Shame, presentation to National Women’s Studies Association annual conference on Just Imagine: Imagining Justice, Atlanta, USA, 10th November 2018

Pragmatism and Feminism, invited panellist for event and podcast on Pragmatism, London School of Economics and Political Science, 29th October 2018 – see 

Traversing Irish National Imaginaries: Lone Parenting and the Politics of ShameTerrors of Injustice: Gender Violence and Ethics of Shame, Utrecht University, Netherlands, 5th October 2018

Roundtable on Abortion and Women's Right to Choose: Ireland's Gendered Politics of Shame, SWIP Ireland Annual Conference: Women in Philosophy - Past, Present, and Future, University College Dublin, 18th May 2018

Reproduction and Ireland’s Politics of Shame: Nation, Affective Spatiality, and Place, Philosophical Perspectives on Contemporary Ireland conference, University College Dublin, 9th March 2018

Abortion and Reproduction in Ireland: Shame, Nation-Building, and the Affective Politics of Place, invited presentation to Spatiality and Abortion Travel workshop, University of Birmingham Institute of Advanced Study and Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 27th February 2018

Emotion and Affect in Feminist Philosophy, invited Women in Philosophy lecture, University of Bayreuth, Germany, 21st November 2017

Shame, Stigma, and the Grievability of Irish Lives, SWIP Ireland conference on The Home, University College Cork, 26th May 2017

Re-covering Affective Ireland: Apology, Shame, Nation, 1916: HOME: 2016, University College Dublin, 28th October 2016

Redressing Inequality in Ireland: Equality Budgeting, invited Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) presentation in response to Budget 2017, 18th October 2016

Institutionalisation, Shame, and the Space of Dis/Appearance, Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference on ‘Changing Political Landscapes’, Belfast, 9th October 2016

Clara Fischer in conversation with Iain Atack, Fellow-in-Focus Session on my research, academic interests, and career as part of a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 10th May 2016

Institutionalisation and the Gendered Politics of Emotion, Gender, Public Policy, and Philosophies of Emotion, University College Dublin, Dublin, 6th May 2016

Gender, Activism, and the Politics of Shame in an Irish Context, invited panellist for a plenary session on ‘Gender, Diversity and Activism’ at Gender and Diversity: Leadership, Development, and Activism in Ireland conference, NUI Maynooth, 9th March 2016

State-building as Affective Politics: Ireland, Shame, and the Institutionalisation of Gendered Others, Institutions and Ireland: Medicine, Health, and Welfare, Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 5th February 2016

Revealing Ireland's 'Proper' Heart: Gender, Nation, and the Politics of Shame, Gender and the Politics of Shame, LSE, London, 14th November 2015 

Modern Ireland's Affective Politics: Shame, Nation, and the Institutionalisation of Gendered Transgression, British Academy Early Career Research Symposium, British Academy, London, 9th October 2015 

Pragmatist Lessons for Contemporary Theorising on Affect and Emotion, plenary panel on Feminism and Pragmatism, Summer Institute in American Philosophy, UCD, Dublin, 11th June 2015 

Ireland's Politics of Shame: Gender, Sexuality, and Irish Nation-Building, Class and Culture in 20th Century Ireland, St. John's College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 19th April 2015

Philosophy and Feminist Activism: A First-Person Account, SWIP Ireland Mentoring conference, Newman House, Dublin, 28th February 2015

Gender and the Politics of Shame: An Irish Solution to an Irish Problem? LSE Gender Institute Research Seminar, LSE, London, 18th February 2015 

Inequality, Gender, and the Economic Crisis: On the Need for Equality Budgeting, cross-party presentation to the Oireachtas (Irish parliament), Leinster House, Dublin, 17th February 2015

Gender and the Irish State: A Troubled History, SPARK: Informing and Reforming, Liberty Hall, Dublin, 17th January 2015

Turning to Affect: Shame and Embodiment in Feminist Philosophy, SWIP Ireland annual conference on Women's Bodies, Newman House, Dublin, 21st November 2014

Ireland's Culture of Containment: Magdalen Laundries and Feminist Transgression of Nationhood, National Women's Studies Association annual conference on Feminist Transgressions, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 15th November 2014

Gender Theory in the 21st Century: The Turn to Affect, Some Indexical You: Gender in the 21st Century, University of Ulster, Belfast, 7th November 2014

What Really is an Emotion? Feminism, Pragmatism, and the Contemporary Turn to Affect, Gender Institute Reading Group, LSE, London, 20th October 2014

The Politics of Emotion and Shame, soapbox speaker at Universities Week: Ideas for Life, Natural History Museum, London, 11th June 2014

Equality Budgeting and Transformation, Alternatives for Transformation, NUI Maynooth, Maynooth, 9th March 2013

Conference organisation

Philosophical Perspectives on Contemporary Ireland, co-organised with Áine Mahon, University College Dublin, 8th - 9th March 2018

John Dewey and Critical Philosophies for Critical Political Times, co-organised with Conor Morris, University College Dublin, 19th - 20th October 2017 (supported by SAAP and Mind Association funding)

Gender, Public Policy, and Philosophies of Emotion, organised on behalf of SWIP-I, University College Dublin, 17th June 2016 (supported by SAP funding)

Ways of Knowing: Feminist Philosophy of Science and Epistemology, co-organised with SWIP-I, Newman House and Irish School of Ecumenics, Dublin, 27th - 28th November 2015

Gender and the Politics of Shame, LSE, London, 14th November 2015 (supported by British Academy funding)

Women's Bodies, co-organised with SWIP-I, Newman House, Dublin, 21st - 22nd November 2014 

Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland Annual Conference, co-organised with SWIP-I, Irish School of Ecumenics, Dublin, 15th - 16th November 2013

Civil Society Forum on Equality Budgeting, co-organised with PILA in response to Budget 2014, Mansion House, Dublin, 17th October 2013

Embedding Equality in Policymaking: Lessons from Northern Ireland and Scotland, organised and chaired on behalf of the Equality Budgeting Campaign, National Women's Council of Ireland, Dublin, 20th April 2013

Feminist Activism in Ireland: Past, Present, and Future, organised on behalf of the Irish Feminist Network, Sean O'Casey Community Centre, Dublin, 19th May 2012